White & Blue Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant - Shona

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White & Blue Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant

Shona was stunning, Coal black hair and sparkling green eyes that came to life when she smiled. She worked in an insurance office and spent a good deal of her time avoiding the manager's attentions. He was old enough to be her grandfather but he just couldn't help himself. Shona was used to it. She developed at an early age and had been avoiding compromising situations ever since. She'd become accustomed  to men talking to her chest. You'd think it would make her bitter but she was a lovely girl. Kind, generous and loving. A beauty men loved to be around.

Shona is a beautiful White Agate with Blue markings wrapped in jeweller’s brass. The gemstone measures 27mm x 22mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 54mm x 25mm. Wrapped in a free flowing style Shona is a unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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