Turquoise Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant - JACQUIL

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Turquoise Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant

This is 'Jaquil' the hoarder. She's too old to produce viable eggs anymore and spends all her time on the sands watching over her collected broods that will never hatch. Past her useful breeding time riders now sneak viable eggs into her clutch for her to watch over along with her cold, dead eggs. They have to be taken away in a hurry when they hatch as Jaquil keens over their loss for weeks.

Jacquil is a gorgeous round Crystal pendant wrapped in silver plated copper wire. Very sparkly, she displays a range of hues as the light catches her. The crystal measures approx 25mm across and her total dimensions wrapped are 59mm x 30mm. Created in a free flowing style With fancy pattern sides Jacquil is a unique piece of handmade wrapped jewelry.

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