Striped Labradorite Wire Wrapped Ring - Size 6.5 - sterling silver

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Striped Labradorite Wire wrapped Ring

Labradorite: ancient and modern, beautiful and powerful. This wire ring is wrapped with labradorite, a rare stone representing protection from harm. Labradorite is one of the few stones that can be traced back to antiquity, used in jewelry in Egyptian times (4000 years ago). The crystal’s rich tones have symbolic meaning: serenity, hope, confidence.

 Labradorite, also called "the stone of transformation," is a rare and beautiful gemstone. Labradorite  is often used to promote creativity, balance, and self-expression. Our wire wrapped Labradorite ring is a unique piece of jewelry that not only features the soothing labradorite color, but showcases wire wrapping techniques that are usually reserved for more advanced jewelry makers.

This is a gorgeous oval Labradorite that flashes green and blue  with beautiful  orange markings right down the middle. Made into a size UK N/ US 6.5 wire ring. The gemstone measures approx 24mm x 14mm. She is wrapped in solid sterling silver wires in a very elegant and unique wire ring design with a fancy band and half wrapped shank. Unique handmade wrapped jewelry..

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