Sterling Silver Malachite Wire Wrapped Pendant – Cariad

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 Malachite Wire Wrapped Pendant – Cariad

Dragons often struggle to accept their riders at first. Only time brings respect and then often love but it was very different for young Alyce when she approached the mewling hatchling. The new born dragon threw herself on Alyce calling her name in her mind over and over - Cariad!, Carriad! It was total and abiding love that washed over Alyce in great mental waves that had her sobbing uncontrollably. They shared a love that only a Dragon could give. There could never be any falseness with their mental link and Alyce felt the strength of that love all her days.

Cariad is a Beautiful Malachite pendant. The gemstone measures 30mm x 20mm. Her full dimensions wrapped are 56mm x 22mm. She is wrapped in gleaming sterling silver wire in a very elegant and original wrapped jewelry design.

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