Silver & Lilac Welsh Wire Wrapped Bracelet - 7.5”

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Silver & Lilac Welsh Wire Wrapped Bracelet 

A long held tradition in the South Wales valleys is that of the love bracelet. Similar to the handcarved love spoons available all over Wales. Young Welsh lads would present these bracelets to their ladies not only as a symbol of their love but of their commitment and intent. To a young lady it was a promise of wedlock.

As precious metals were unavailable other metals were repurposed such as brass and copper which could be shined to a mirror finish. Other, More crude examples, were fashioned from rope or leather.

Elderly Welsh matrons would often pass on these treasured  bracelets to their granddaughters who would wear them with pride. A dying tradition these days as young ladies prefer shop bought items. Fine antique examples still fetch good prices at auction. 

I made this beautiful wrapped bracelet in silver plated copper wires and Lilac aluminium pattern wire. The bracelet will fit a wrist up to approx 7.5” around and is 10mm wide. It is a unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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