Silver Celtic Wire Wrapped Bracelet - 9 wire

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Silver Celtic Wire Wrapped Bracelet - Karen

This is 'Karen'. She loves the sea. She sits for hours on top of the dunes watching the waves coming in and out with the wind in her hair and the smell of the sea surrounding her. Sometimes she reads her book or listens to her music but she always watches, her arms around the knees she has pressed to her chest. A smile never leaves her lips until she sighs and leaves the beach to return home.

Our celtic wire wrapped bracelets are made by hand with love and care in our workshop. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors and wrap your wrist with pieces of wire to create a one-of-a-kind, artisan made bracelet that is all yours. Each wire bracelet is delicate and unique and perfect for any woman who wants to add a little bit of sparkle to her day.

A beautiful Celtic wrapped bracelet in silver plated copper wires. The bracelet is made to fit most wrist sizes. Karen is a unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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