Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant – Oinen

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Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant.

 Oinen had been a great favourite with the Atlantic Mermaid Shoal at Tenby though much less loved by the wardens who protected them. She would insist on feeding the Mermaids the most impractical things. Bubble gum, chips, Jam tarts and pickles. Anything the eccentric old lady would find in her cupboards. Despite being removed regularly and sometimes forcefully (she couldn't half kick for an old lady!) by the wardens, Oinen would return at the oddest hours with her shopping bag full of elderly tins and out of date bread. Although the food generally wouldn't harm the Mermaids she had brained a few throwing them cans of dog meat. In the end it was a relief to all concerned when she was sat on by a Dragon and flattened.

This simple and elegant wire wrapped pendant has a Rose Quartz oval measuring 37mm x 27mm. Her total dimensions wrapped are 71 mm x 31mm. Oinen is a very unique piece of wrapped jewelry.

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