Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant – Emily

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Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant.

It was her first meal with his family though she had become a frequent visitor over the last few months. Emily was quite nervous not wanting to do the wrong thing and embarrass herself. The meal was nothing special, just poached eggs on toast. She was neatly cutting the toast and not putting too much egg on in case she got yolk down her chin. Conversation went on around her unnoticed as she concentrated. She nearly jumped out of her skin when his mother shouted ”for goodness sake just pick it up!” She looked up to see them all grinning with their toast folded in half with egg all over their faces. His father even had it in his moustache!

This simple but elegant wire wrapped pendant has a Rose Quartz Donut measuring 28mm around. Total dimensions wrapped are 60 mm x 30mm. Emily is a very unique example of wrapped jewelry.

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