Red Banded Agate Wire Wrapped Ring – Size 7

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Red Banded Agate Wire Wrapped Ring.

Agate is a popular, beautiful, delicate gemstone with a rich history. This gemstone has many colours and can be found in many places around the world. Due to its popularity, this stone was given the name “agate” after the Latin word for “to shine”. Agates come in many shapes and sizes but are most often either rounded or banded. The deep color of these stones makes them popular for jewelry design. Agate is also thought to have health benefits because it is believed to be grounding, encouraging inner peace and calming nerves.

 The gemstone measures a generous 13mm x 18mm approx. Wire wrapped in silver plated Copper wires with a fancy half wrapped shank the ring is a unique piece of handmade jewelry. Size UK – O / US – 7.

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