Red Banded Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant – NATASHA

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Red Banded Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant

Natasha had a wonderful singing voice. It was powerful, sweet and very unique. When her band played at a local hotel the management had approached her after the performance to offer her a residency as they had been so impressed. She felt unsure of herself on her own and felt she owed allegiance to her friends in the band and so declined. Within a few months the band had split up and gone their separate ways. She often wondered looking back how her life may have been different if she had put her interests first. Her children didn’t believe her when she told them she had been a singer but she had her memories and had loved her time in the spotlight.

The sunset coloured gemstone measures 45mm x 25mm and her total dimensions wire wrapped are 75mm x 29mm approx. Natasha is wrapped in pure copper prong setting in a very free flowing style. Pretty and very unique one of a kind wrapped jewelry.

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