Rainbow Solar Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant – Potbelly

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Rainbow Solar Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant 

This is a copy of the Darke eye worn by Potbelly Pigpoker. A Darke Eye was wasted on him as he kept to the shallows well within sight of natural light. He got his name from his love of eating and his unnatural relationship with his pet porker. A distant relative of the King he was elevated to a position far in excess of his abilities. Made an overseer in the Underwood mines he met his very timely demise aiming a kick in the direction of the grumpy old dragon they kept in the forge so that they could make Nithrill. The dragon burned him to a crisp and was only missed when the shift clocked off work that morning.

Potbelly is a beautiful Rainbow  Solar Quartz pendant wrapped in silver plated copper wire. The gemstone measures approx 34mm  x 25mm and his total dimensions wrapped are 63mm x 28mm. Wire wrapped in a simple and elegant free flowing style Potbelly is a unique piece of hand crafted wrapped jewellery.

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