Pink Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant - Joy

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Pink Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant - Joy

Joy was ... complicated. It was difficult to get to the real person through the layers as she was a social chameleon. She would unconsciously adapt to whoever she was with. She could literally be everything to everyone. Needless to say Joy was very popular. It felt as if she knew you already, you had all her attention and you could tell her anything and she would understand. She was the perfect companion in almost any situation. Joy was well named as it was Joy she brought to most people. The pleasure of her company was delicious. She would sometimes look into the mirror at home and wonder which of her many faces was her real one and then shrug and think All of them!

Joy is a gorgeous heart shaped hand made resin cabochon wire wrap pendant in silver plated copper wire. The cabochon measures approx 33mm x 33mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 59mm x 36mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style Joy is a unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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