Pink & Blue Solar Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant – LYRDDA

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Pink & Blue Solar Quartz Pendant, Wire Wrapped Pendant 

This is ‘Lyrdda’, she appeared from a lake in the mountains of Snowdonia and fell in love with a young man named Alun and they became married. She warned that if he ever struck her she would leave him. They were happily married for 7 years and had three sons when Alun struck her for defying him. She walked back into the lake and was never seen again. She sometimes appears to her sons to teach them about medicinal plants and herbs.

Lyrdda is a beautiful Bi-colour Solar Quartz wire pendant in gold plated copper wire. The gemstone measures approx 42mm x 28mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 70mmx 3mm. Fitted with a 16″ matching ribbon necklace. Wire wrapped in a simple and elegant free flowing style Lyrdda is a unique piece of hand crafted jewelry.

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