Pink Agate Pendant, Wire Wrapped – Yvonne

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Pink Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant.

Yvonne is an eternal optimist. She always manages to find a positive spin on everything. Especially people. She drives her daughters crazy always looking for the good in everyone and finding it even when no one else could. Little good it has done her many may think but it makes her happy and her world is only inhabited by nice people. Who is to say she has the wrong attitude?

The crystalised agate is a beautiful stone. It's one of the few stones that is a type of quartz, but it's far more rare than other types of quartz. Crystal Agates are found in remote parts of the world and most often in volcanic regions. It's a stone with an elegant, stylish, and clean design. The pink crystal agate is a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection. It makes for a unique gift; something different from your typical jewelry store gifts. So go ahead and spoil yourself or someone else with this lovely piece of wire-wrapped jewelry!

Yvonne  is a beautiful pink  window druzy Agate pendant wrapped in Silver plated wires. The gemstone measures 34mm x 24mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 62mm x 31mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style Yvonne is a totally unique piece of one of a kind handmade wire jewelry.

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