Labradorite Wire Wrapped Pendant - Skull

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Labradorite Skull Wire Wrapped Pendant 

The tradition of the Screaming Skulls has been both a treasure and a terror in Wales for over 1,000 years. The fey community of Ynys Mon would cast their spiritual nets into the ether of limbo to catch the souls of deceased warriors who had become earth bound and unable to move on. When it sensed a nearby soul the trap would snap shut encasing it in the plain grey carving which would then display the colours of their Aura. They conveyed positive or negative traits to the wearer. Some would infuse their wearer with strenth, determination or honour but the other kind that oozed fear, loneliness and terror would be attached to thieves as a punishment and even used in torture. Now they are illegal, rare and very expensive. 

This is a gorgeous hand carved Labradorite Skull with beautiful markings. The gemstone measures approx 28mm x 18mm. Her full dimensions wrapped are 52mm  x 25mm. She is wrapped in silver plated copper wires in a very elegant and unique design. The skull is a one of a kind piece of handmade jewelry.

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