Glass Cabochon Wire Wrapped Pendant - Fleur

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Hand Painted Wire Wrapped Pendant - Fleur

Fleur was in trouble. Like any other teenager her Mother's advice was unwanted at best and at worst offensive. What did her Mother know anyway? Fleur was seventeen and knew far more about the world. Things were different for Fairies now and her Mother couldn't possibly understand. She just didn't know what annoyed her most. Having to admit her Mother had been right about kissing frogs or the fact that she had a belly full of tadpoles!

Fleur is a gorgeous oval hand made glass cabochon pendant wrapped in silver plated copper wire. Very sparkly, she displays a range of hues as the light catches her. The crystal measures approx 40mm x 30mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 66mm x 33mm. Wrapped in a free flowing style Fleur is a unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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