Green Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant – Doris

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Green Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant

Although she was now 86, Doris still insisted on wearing the black silk underwear that Sam had liked when he was alive. She had no illusions about how time had changed her body but in her mind she was still the same young girl that had raced around Cardiff on the back of Sam’s motorcycle. A grin fixed on her face, eyes watering and the wind ruining the hair that she had taken so long making pretty for Sam. Life is what you make of it she said and her life had been an adventure full of opportunity.

Doris is a gorgeous round green Crystal pendant wrapped in silver plated copper wire. Very sparkly, she displays a range of hues as the light catches her. The crystal measures approx 23mm across and her total dimensions wrapped are 53mm x 25mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style With fancy leaf pattern sides Doris is a unique piece of handmade wrapped jewelry.

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