Green Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant - Heather

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Green Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant - Heather

In truth she had lost her 7 years before when the illness had gotten so bad. It had stolen the best of her Mother and what was left was unrecognisable as the woman she’d loved and respected all her life. She had become Heather’s best friend and they had weathered the storms of life together. They had never had an awkward silence between them and they enjoyed each other’s company and conversation. In the last year she hadn't’ recognised her at all and often mistook her for a friend from her childhood. Her death was long expected and came as no surprise to anyone but still Heather cried. She cried for the woman she had been, for her laugh, her support and humour, but most of all she cried for all the conversations they would now never have.

Heather is a beautiful green Agate pendant wrapped in silver plated copper. The gemstone measures 33mm x 15mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 63mm x 18mm. Wrapped in a free flowing style Heather is a unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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