Emerald Wire Wrapped Pendant – Jean

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Emerald Wire Wrapped Pendant

She always said never eat in a restaurant that has a skinny chef. That was why Jean was such a good cook – she loved to eat. She was constantly on the hunt for new recipes to try out. It wasn’t fancy food that she cooked really but it was always well cooked. Her favourite meal of the year was her Christmas dinner for the family. She would dream about it sometimes and enjoy all the small preparations it needed.

Emeralds are green gemstones that were believed to be magical in ancient times. The Egyptians believed emeralds to be the tears of the gods, while the Persians thought they were petrified dew drops. They’ve been around for centuries, and even today you can find them at many royal coronations. Emeralds have a deep green color that ranges from light to dark depending on their cut and clarity. They’re typically cloudy or opaque stones but can also have a very bright luster when they're polished to perfection.

Jean is a gorgeous facetted oval Emerald pendant wire wrapped in silver and gold plated copper wire. Very rich, dark green with beautiful inclusions she is a substantial precious gemstone. The gem measures approx 24mm x 18mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 85mm x 23mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style Jean is a unique piece of hand crafted jewellery.

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