Druzy Quartz Wire Wrapped Ring - Size 8

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Rainbow Druzy Quartz Wire wrapped Ring

Druzy quartz is a rare and beautiful stone that can be cut into many shapes and sizes. Druzy stones are not only precious because they're rare, but they're also very affordable. The crystals form in such a way that the outside surface of each crystal has hundreds of tiny points or bumps called druzes, which refract light and make the stones sparkle like diamonds. Since we know you want your accessories to reflect your unique personality and style, we offer a wide range of colors and cuts to fit every preference and price point. 

A beautiful, multi coloured, oval rainbow Druzy Quartz Wire wrapped ring. The gemstone measures approx 20mm x 14mm. Wire wrapped in silver plated wires with a part wrapped shank the ring is a unique piece of handmade jewelry. Size UK - Q, US - 8.

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