Crazy Lace Agate Wrapped Pendant - Jennifer

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Crazy Lace Agate Wrapped Pendant 

Jennifer had never understood why people were so afraid of thunderstorms. As a kid her father had insisted on closing the curtains, turning off anything electrical, turning all the mirrors around and taking everyone's watches off to save them from 'ball lightning'. 

It had given her many a girlish giggle parting the curtains a little to look outside and having her father shout at her. She pretended innocence of course but chuckled inside. 

The best part was always the lady from 2 doors down who ran to her house to hide under the stairs. She'd sit there quivering and moaning when she had exactly the same house and stairs in her own home. People could be very funny at times!

Jennifer’s a gorgeous Crazy Lace Agate pendant wire wrapped in silver wire. The gemstone measures 38mm x 38mm. The total dimensions wrapped are 68mm x 42mm. Wrapped in a free flowing style Jennifer is a totally unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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