Bumble Bee Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant - Tanya

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Bumble Bee Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant 

Tanya could cringe now to think how she used to be in school. She was spiteful and vindictive, cruel and even a bit of a bully. All that changed when she found the love of her life and married. She grew as a person more than any other time in her life. When she had children her life underwent another colossal change too. She stopped being Tanya and became just 'Mum'. Being loved changed her beyond belief.

A beautiful Bumble Bee Jasper made into a wire Pendant. The gemstone measures approx 35mm x 20mm. Her full dimensions wrapped are 60mm x 25mm. Wire wrapped in gold plated wire in a free flowing style. Tanya is a unique piece of handmade wrapped jewelry.

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