Blue Plume Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant - Violetta

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Blue Plume Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant.

Violetta hadn’t heard from him in a week and in the 3 years they had been lovers they had been together almost every day. She dreaded the worst and her imagination went into overload considering all the possibilities. No one treated the Frost Queen in such a manner. Word reached her that he was gravely ill from taking poison and she rushed to his bedside all anger forgotten to be with him. She loved him all the more and the thought of losing him filled her heart with fear. He admitted to her that he had taken a human lover and attempted to take his life when she rejected him. Her rage was incandescent and she stabbed him through the heart with her Frost Wand. Immediately regretting it she had bonded him to her for life and at the same time robbed him of all passion. He never laughed or loved her again.

Violetta is a beautiful blue Plume Agate pendant wrapped in Silver plated copper wires. The gemstone measures 38mm X 27mm. Total dimensions are 69mm x 28mm. A wire wrap pendant in a free flowing style Violetta is a totally unique piece of handmade wire jewelry.

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