Bi-Colour Hydro Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Pendant - Denise

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Hydro Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Pendant

Denise most desired that which had been denied her all through her childhood. It didn't matter the lengths she would go to trying to attract her mother's attention. Even being naughty did little more than bring her anger. Her mother just couldn't show her love by word or action and never cuddled her. She determined to be the type of mother she had always wanted and made sure that her children knew every day that she loved them and she cuddled them as much as they would let her. 

Denise is a gorgeous Orange & Pink lab grown tourmaline pendant wrapped in silver plated copper wire. These lab-grown gems are not as expensive and have the same gorgeous results as the mined gemstones. The Hydro tourmaline stones are perfect for those who want to experiment with the aesthetic of these natural crystals without breaking the bank.

Very sparkly, she displays a range of hues as the light catches her. The crystal measures approx 26mm x 17mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 58mm x 21mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style With fancy plaited bail Denise is a unique piece of handmade wrapped jewelry.

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