Picture Jasper Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant - JEN

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Picture Jasper Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant 

Jen was a bit of a rebel for a fairy . The quiet, safe parts of the pond were not for her. She liked to hang around with the Frogs in the racier part of the pool. With their swagger and brightly coloured waistcoats the Frogs were so cool. They let Jen hang around with them as she was so beautiful and treated her like a little sister keeping her safe and not allowing her to smoke their long smelly pipes. She knew that it couldn’t last forever but she was determined to enjoy it for as long as she could.


A beautiful heart shaped Picture Jasper in greens and golds made into a wire Pendant. The gemstone measures approx 30mm x 30mm. Her full dimensions wrapped are 66mm x 34mm. Wire wrapped in german silver wire in a free flowing style. Jen  is a unique piece of handmade wrapped jewelry.

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