Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm Bangle

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Dreamcatcher Charm Bracelet 

Catch your sweet dreams, and then let the nightmare come to a close with the morning sun. The night air is full of dreams, and only a dream catcher can capture a beautiful dream in order to draw people to a magical dream world.


Exquisite Shape:

A very distinctive Indian dream catcher bracelet. A dream catcher in the middle and two hollowed out silver pearls on the sides has the effect of dispelling bad moods and bad luck, helps you drive away nightmares and negative energy in your dreams.

Low Allergen Material:

The Dream Bracelet is made of standard 925 silver plated material, resistant to oxidation and fading.

Silver plated 925 is low allergenic material, it will not make your skin uncomfortable or cause a reaction. Nickel and lead free.

Best Gift:

Perfect as a Birthday Gift, Valentine's Day Gift, Birthday Gift, Father's Day Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Any Holiday Gift. 

Material: alloy, silver plated Size: adjustable Package Includes: 1 x Dream Catcher Bracelet