Abalone Pendant, Wire Wrapped - Barbara

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Abalone Wire Wrapped Pendant

Barbara had a most unfairy like problem and it embarrassed her. She had been dating Barnabus the frog for some time and they were both ready to take their relationship to the next level. When she was making love and the fireworks went off in her head she would pass wind explosively and considered herself lucky if it only happened once! Her face felt as hot as the summer sun when they curled up together in a nearby Tulip and she explained her problem. Barnabus nearly fell out of the flower he laughed so hard and continued licking his eyebrows…..

Barbara is a gorgeous abalone pendant wrapped in silver plated copper wire. 

Very sparkly, she displays a range of irridescent colours as the light catches her. The gem measures approx 30mm x 20mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 56mm x 22mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style With a fancy geometric pattern Barbara is a unique piece of handmade wrapped jewelry.

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