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When I first started making border wrap pendants they would take me an entire afternoon. I have found ways of speeding it up and now take around an hour instead due to preparations. I would make the setting and fit the stone and then I would start to sweat!
Wire wrapped heart

You see, I may have been happy with what I had done so far but making the bail and twisting the spare wires into interesting shapes is where it could all go wrong. I didn't enjoy it much and breathed a sigh of relief when it was finished. I felt like a used tea bag. It was mentally draining! 

The act of cleaning and polishing the finished piece was like a come down for me allowing me to relax again. It was a wild ride and I was hooked. Quite a few pieces had to have the stones snipped out and ended up in the waste bin. 

As I went along and grew more confident in my abilities that last part that had worried me so much became the best part. 

I never know what I am going to do with the bail and wire bending until I do it. I found that if I planned it out too much I would have to follow my plan which left me open to self criticism if I didn't follow the design perfectly. I had to learn to let go and follow where the wires wanted to bend instead of where I wanted to bend them. 

I have enjoyed my wrapping enormously ever since and each one is a joy to make. This approach has served me well and allowed me the freedom to create wonderful freeform shapes. 

I make up bundles of wires in the quiet times, often when everyone else has gone to bed as I am a bit of a night owl. 

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  • OMG! I love the story on how you approach making a wrapped stone. It sure can be intimidating sometimes. Have a wonderful week.

    Susan Abdelsalam on

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