Wire Wrapping As A Hobby

Posted by Mark Hargreaves on

Wire Wrapping: An Easy Hobby That Makes Cool Jewelry

Wire wrapping can be a great hobby to get into. You need a few tools, wires, and stones of some description and you can be playing away to your hearts content!

Wire wrapping can be a very addictive hobby and even a very lucrative one too. Selling your creations online can more than pay for all your materials and it gives you a great sense of satisfaction too. Here is a pendant I made a few years ago for my daughter with an oval Agate gemstone, 1mm square wire and .8mm

Wire wrapping hobby

It did take about 2 hours at the time but it was well worth the effort and my daughter loved it! I'd only been wire wrapping for a few weeks but as you can see the results were impressive. Don't do as I did and waste money buying cheap tools as they are a waste of time. Get decent pliers etc from the start and they will serve you well.


There's a huge number of free sources online to teach you all about wire wrapping. You tube is a great place to start with video's like this one -


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