My biggest wire wrapping critic.

Posted by Mark Hargreaves on

Wire Wrapping Critics

My best (or perhaps worst depending on how you look at it) critic is my Son Tom. When I hand him a finished piece he points out every little error, every slight asymetry when I go to great lengths to make my pieces asymetrical, and any small mark my tools may have left on the wires. As I try to explain to him, a little of me goes into everything I make. A little artistry, perhaps even a little personality. I am not a machine that can recreate anything perfectly. I make unique, hand made jewellery. 

Every gemstone I use is different and has to be as they have all been created by mother nature herself. I feel that this has a certain value that mass produced items do not. If your goal is to make your own jewellery everything you make will be special. Anyone can buy a string of gems, put a catch on it and call it hand made and they will be able to make it over and over again. Developing your own style is important so as you do not get lost and confused with every other jewellery maker but when you are just starting out you will need to copy patterns almost slavishly to learn the techniques you will need for the future but do not make a habit of it. Make the designs your own. Improve them wherever you can and make things in your own style. 

We all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us to one degree or another but before you know it you will be creating your own designs.


  • Well said Mark! You’re an amazing artist and inspiration! Every time we make a piece part of our soul is left within!

    Kathy on

  • You work is the best I have ever seen I have seen many but yours stood out from the crowd as you could tell all you make comes from the heart you put your heart and soul into every unique work off art all is a one off a kind

    Michelle Jordan on

  • Well said! I prefer to buy genuinely hand-crafted pieces that are unique. Even if the same pattern is always the same, it is never the exact same thing.

    Bernadette Palmer on

  • You said this so beautiful. I would love to make the things you do so beautiful. I don’t have enough strength in my hands anymore for bending heavy gauge wire. You and Julie have made a wonderful pair for creating your jewelry. I want to thank you for letting all of us see your creations. PS-I’m still waiting on the mood stones to arrive.

    Susan Abdelsalam on

  • Well, put. Unique and different and all perfect as is.

    Christine Rossi on

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