Celtic Wire Wrapped Bracelets: A Look Into The History Of This Unique Tradition

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Celtic Wire Wrapped Bracelets 

Celtic wire wrapped bracelets are a beautiful way to show your heritage and tradition. Each bangle is hand-crafted from celtic weave wire wrapped around a gemstone for a look that is both modern and timeless. Celtic jewelry, including our wire wrapped bangles, are the perfect way to infuse some culture into your day-to-day accessories.

Wave celtic wire wrapped Bracelet

The history of Celtic jewelry

There is some debate about when Celtic jewelry first became popular and why. Some believe that the jewelry was imported into Britain from the Celtic areas of Wales and Ireland. Others believe that early Celtic jewelry was created in Ireland who lived in relative isolation from the mainland. The people of Wales, as well as many other Celtic nations, used imported silver and copper for their jewelry, rather than creating their own.


The meaning of celtic wire wrapped bracelets

Wire wrapping is an ancient technique used for creating jewelry. The art of wire wrapping does not have a set pattern. The designs that are used are what's unique. Celtic bracelets are made up of a framework of wire wrapped over and around itself to form a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Silver celtic wire bangle

Each wire is different in length and width. Some bracelets wrap around both the middle and the end, and some wrap the middle only. Some bracelets wrap one side and the other and others wrap both the ends. But they are all as beautiful as the next! Celtic jewelry was first used to adorn war horses, and since then, has taken on a very special meaning.

How to wear your celtic bracelet

1. Wear it as an accessory: celtic bracelets are best when worn as accents. Wear it when you need a little extra charm or just want to bring out a bit of that Irish heritage in your wardrobe. It's perfect for a day of shopping, a formal event or just a night out with

Purple celtic wire wrapped bracelets


2. Wear it on your hand: If you have the courage to wear your celtic bracelet on your hand, it's perfect.
They are particularly sweet when worn in pairs with coordinating earrings, a brooch or pendant.

What kind of celtic jewelry is there?

Celtic jewelry incorporates Celtic designs, patterns, and symbols into the designs and techniques of the contemporary jewelry industry.

Where to buy celtic jewelry.

Pink celtic jewelry

 You can buy our celtic jewelry right here! Celtic includes decorative bracelets, earrings, and rings with a Celtic look. The bracelets range from tiny to big and cover just about every type of Celtic design imaginable.

The earrings, bracelets, and rings come in various sizes and shapes. You can see examples of our bracelets and earrings below, or browse through our beautiful selection of Celtic jewelry.

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